Travel Series: Best Travel Tips for Long Flights From Three World Travelers

Personalized Currency Wallet by Smythsons keeps currency or tickets separated and slides flat into your bag[/caption] Charlotte – On money, I use one credit card generally and have one different card as a backup.  I always have cash.  I like to get my foreign currency at home so I’m ready to hit the ground running when I land.  And, I always keep $US stuck away for emergencies.  I keep $100 in small bills for tips stateside.  (I am nice to myself and use porters whenever I can).  Keep foreign currency in small bills for tips —again, let the porters/bell hops do the shlepping.   Kim – The passport case is a must!  Its handy and keeps all your airline cards, global entry or residence cards all in one place for airports and immigration processing.  I’ve recently organized my currencies because living in Asia, every tiny country has its own currency.  I’ve collected my sunglasses boxes and label them with each currency grouped by box and then grouped the boxes by regions.  i.e..  North/South/Central America….Asia/Europe/Africa.  This way I can easily find my currency or know I may need more before departure.  Tip for traveling in Asia – ALWAYS have US dollars, you can exchange money anywhere.  I keep a wallet with 2 pockets allowing one side for current currency and the other side for other currencies.  I take a small Chanel coin purse for the current coins which seem to be large and heavy.  My most used app is Trip Advisor …not always spot on but a good starting point and helpful forums.  4. Do you take anything in advance for jet lag or during your flight? Do you have a strategy that works for you for jet lag? Kim – I take a couple of glasses of wine and 2 advil PM’s religiously!  Literally, I can sleep for 10 hours in some cases.  Once dinner is completed …lights out regardless of the direction I’ll be traveling.  I’m not into prescription sleeping pills, they seem to knock me out too much.  When I arrive at my destination, I do not nap and I try to get on that time zone as quickly as possible.  The busier you are, the easier this is.  I also take 2 Advil PMs every night for 3-4 days  and this forces a sleeping pattern.  Otherwise you up at 2 am sleepless. As for kids, I give them 1-2 Advil PM too depending on the age. Missy – I love Melatonin for jetlag for me and the kids.  You can buy chewable, child strength melatonin in the US.  Otherwise, for long trips to far away time zones, just get on the local time asap.  Force yourself to stay up late when you travel from London to California -then you’ll sleep longer in the morning and get on the time quicker (unless of course your 3-year -old wakes you up)!  Don’t be afraid to  drug your kids when traveling East – they need melatonin to go to sleep at night or they will stay up forever and never adjust.   Ivy – I’ll weigh in here too since I used to live in Australia.  I agree with everything above.  Actually, Advil PM has the opposite effect on me and makes me buzzy like caffeine so try your sleep meds. before you travel.  I also always used the natural light trick.  When you arrive at your destination, walk out into the natural light and look up for a minute or two.  Do the same first thing in the morning over the next few days.  Natural light helps reset your own melatonin levels.  I think I mentioned this in 5 Ways To Reset Your Famiy’s Body Clock post during daylight savings changes. 5. Any other tips you want to share with us? Charlotte –  Yes!  Since we usually take a lot of pictures on these trips that end up in photo albums forever, I always make sure I get my haircut, nails done and my lashes done before I go.  On arrival, I always book a car and driver to greet me so I don’t feel lost in the new city.  He can take care of the bags and get me to my hotel while I get my bearings riding along.  It makes me feel safe also. Look nice, you get better treatment throughout the travel day.   Kim – Yes! Hydrate!  On the flight, I barely wear any makeup…maybe mascara and lipstick just to get through the airport.  Once on the plane, wipe your face off completely and hydrate your face, eyes and hands.  Here are some of my favorites by Benefits and take those samples that so many stores hand out. They come in handy!  Ivy – I also like misting products during long flights like mini-evian face misters and Kiels lip balm.   Do you guys have any LONG flight tips to share with each other? Leave a list for everybody in the comment box below. Happy Travels,  Ivy  ]]>

6 thoughts on “Travel Series: Best Travel Tips for Long Flights From Three World Travelers”

  1. Elizabeth Blakemore

    In my bag you will always find a bathing suit and a pair of long underwear. You never know when the weather will change.

  2. I like to get my eyelashes dyed dark black before a trip, especially a beach trip. Then you don’t have to worry about mascara or raccoon eyes.

  3. Ivy,
    My daughter will be traveling with school abroad this summer to Florence. Would you consider travel tips for college students? We have so many questions from train tickets to how to pack for 2 1/2 months. Would love some help from you and your followers.

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