Tip Tuesday – Gifts

Happy Tuesday friends!  I have a few gifts to pass out this week. Over time my gift wrapping process has changed and gotten easier and I wanted to share it with you. I have this gift closet….


Great storage and well, sometimes it looks great but mostly it looks like this….a little out of whack and messy.

Even the knob on the drawer is twisted.  It’s symbolic!  A lot of great gifts come out of here but it needs a little makeover by Organizer Michele Clements of The Well Ordered Life…..anyway, I had this gradual mental shift…

I’ve started to realize that $6.50 is just not that much extra to walk out of a store with a gift that looks like this!

Stores that wrap sometimes have a small charge or it’s free if the gift is over say $100.  Others offer it for free with their signature style of wrapping.  It has truly made my life so much easier to figure out which stores have gifts that I like AND wrap well.

These gifts are for men from two of my favorite local stores Berings and Longoria Collection. Love the Navy bows!

If time is money….and it is….and running around to make sure I have the right size gift bag or box and making time to cut and tape and put something together before heading out to a birthday dinner ??? Well, sometimes, it just turns out faster, more festive and more cost effective to just let them do it at the store for me.

Here, I had two birthday gifts for my mother-in-law wrapped in the same print paper to pull them out fast from other gifts

Oh but Ivy….

Don’t you have to wait…and wait….and wait…and that’s just the same thing as doing it at home, right?

Umm, could be if the store is extra slow and you have to kill time but try to find one that’s speedy or that can wrap while you run do something else close by or work on your phone.

Even Amazon will kind of wrap and there are other online stores like Red Envelope that wrap well to ship.

It’s not that I don’t like to wrap gifts.  I do.  Sometimes.  If I have the time.   And it’s an easy shape and size.

I don’t get everything store wrapped.  Some gifts like these darling linen emoji cocktail napkins, I’ll wrap on my own later because…. well, they are little.  They will be easy to wrap.

Emoji cocktail napkins by Halo Home…so fun!

So, my Tip Tuesday for you this week is to identify two stores locally to you with a broad selection of gifts that wraps well.

Put their number in your phone, make friends with a sales person that you can call in a pinch (I have been known to call ahead to have something wrapped and rung up with my credit card over the phone and handed to me in the parking lot!) But I don’t recommend that part about the parking lot because that’s just a stressful day for everybody.  But calling ahead?…that’s efficient genius.


Prezzies waiting to be given out this week!

Giving myself permission to let someone else do this step for me more often than not has made my busy days really a lot easier!

Do you have any gift giving or gift wrapping tips to share with other Ivy and Sprig readers? Leave it for us to read in the Submit a Reply box below.  Thanks and have a great week!



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