Tip Tuesday – Getting Veggies Down Your Kids

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Well, we had a really dramatic weekend.  My youngest son came down with appendicitis and ended up in surgery on Friday.  As some of you may know, appendicitis comes on pretty quickly and is really painful.  It’s an infection in the appendix and if the appendix ruptures, then infection can spread throughout the body.

Thankfully, his didn’t rupture.

The appendix is a 3 1/2 ” tube extending off of the large intestine.

The doctor told me they don’t know for sure what causes appendicitis.  He had been sick with a cold virus for the three days leading up to it and had a compromised immune system.  The doctor said that could trigger it.

There are also theories that undigested food could create a blockage and then infection.

So, I started thinking about his diet.

Fruits and and vegetables are not his first choice.  He’s a carb guy and sometimes he’s made a cheese quesadilla (or three) before I’ve even gotten the chance to hand him something with more fiber.  Or at least add guacamole!

During sport seasons, traditional dinner goes out the window a few nights a week.  Snacks before the game and pizza after the game  just doesn’t hit all the food groups.

And, truthfully, I can’t count on him to choose salad at lunch.

My friend, Waverly Gage, who is an amazing home cook and freelance food writer, has a great way of handling the vegetable dilemma.

She recommends keeping fresh veggies cut up for crudite in the refrigerator.  All the time.  Like every single day.

Every night at dinner she puts crudite and dip on the table for her kids.  In a big family, there is someone at every dinner that doesn’t like the vegetable of the night…say, peas.  And when they don’t? They can always have some crisp, cold veggies off of the crudite platter.

Everybody gets their vegetables.

Almost every kid likes carrots with ranch or hummus, celery, radishes, cucumber.  I think this idea is brilliant.

I am not saying a lack of vegetables led to appendicitis.  But, if the theory of undigested food is a contributor then I think a healthy digestive system would potentially prevent inflammation and blockage.

Besides, these are delicious and a great habit for kids to get into!  I hope Waverly’s idea gives you some “Food for thought” too.  Share your ideas for healthy eating tips with kids in the reply box below!








5 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday – Getting Veggies Down Your Kids”

  1. I learned about Metamucil on Dr. Oz. Americans are supposed to get 20 grams of fiber a day. Boys and men don’t even come close. I can get my older son to swallow a few ounces of the orange flavor after dinner, if I bring it to him and hold it up until he takes it. My younger guy is Mr. Fussy. It’s nearly impossible to get him to try anything. At least the Metamucil tastes good. It’s another option to prevent long term problems.

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