Super Bowl? Super Bowls….Fab Finds for your Game Time Snacks

!  Super Bowl Weekend.  And since the big game just happens to be in Houston, the whole town feels electric! Whether your crowd is having Doritos or Pinterest worthy dips, here are some fun ways to serve it up.  My take on the REAL Super Bowl….or at least some Real Super Bowls. Go Team!   Anthropologie has some fun printed collections….I love the smaller shaped bowl below for dips, salsa or morning oatmeal.  Super cute wth the bluebird on the bottom. Bowl $16.00 and Ramekin $12.00 Here’s the same shape with the woodpecker… Pic, Pic….I think my kids think I’m a woodpecker.  The bird collection includes a black hen bowl.  See? These below are perfect for mixed nuts or dips. The shape and size would also be nice for breakfast fruit.  I love the design that continues inside.  These are also from Anthropologie and $10.00 each. Target had me with these….Peacock Teal.  They are $15.99 for four on the website.  In store locally they are sold individually.  A bargain and I would bore you with how many pictures I took of them….the color was just so great with different things in them! It just made everything pop.   See what I mean?  Beet chips …so pretty! This Putty wide cereal bowl is a great color from Pottery Barn.  At only $8.00 this microwave and dishwasher safe bowl was definitely one of my favorites.   Pottery Barn also had a pretty blue and white pattern in their new collection,$10.00.   Makes me hungry for raspberries… Here’s a classic white bowl but with a new shape from Pottery Barn, $8.00  Wait ….go back to Super Bowl food…Pottery Barn napkin, $8.00.  That’s more like it.  Yum, love cheese straws! One of my favorites is another from Target…I love this celadon green.  These were not on the website but in our local store and were $8.00. Looks better with something in it….here… Williams Sonoma offered a pretty gray cereal bowl with scalloped design edging, $25.95.   This next one is another from Pottery Barn that is more rustic.  Perfect for some granola.  In the hands it feels grainy and like soft sand on the bottom.  Reminds me of the beach or the ranch.  Smooth inside and pretty. $12.50 each. Which one is your favorite?   One small change and the food looks different.  Loved playing with these and deciding which one to keep to make it new and fresh at my house.  Have a great Super Bowl Weekend!  May your bowls be full and your crowd be hungry! Best, Ivy ]]>

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