Sunglasses to Steal the Show

Hi friends!  It’s starting to get bright out there….well, some days anyway.  So guess what?

Neiman Marcus offered me a collection of their hottest new sunglasses  for 2017 to show my Ivy and Sprig friends!

Can you say Awesome?!

What could I do but call for a sunglasses party by the pool!  I would have had you ALL over if I could but fortunately four of my besties on my block came over for a Saturday sunglasses swap around and some fun!

Here are the trends in shades to keep you looking cool this Spring!  First, we had to take them all out of the bags and start trying them on….oh and put on a little ZZ Top!  Despite their song, these are NOT cheap sunglasses, but hopefully these inspire trendy ideas in whatever your price range may be.  So join us by internet…..

Jessica on the left in Chloe gold rimmed shades, Charlotte is eyeing the dark Chanels and Cara on the right is in classic Saint Laurent black.

Chloe, $396, Chanel $510, Saint Laurent, $345.

Jessica above looks great in these oversized brown and gold shades by Chloe, $396.
Meow!  Charlotte on the left in Dior silver rimmed cat glasses and Cara is wearing the mirrored silver cat glasses by Miu Miu.  Dior, $480 and Miu Miu $385.

Raquel is sipping my homemade lemonade and wearing….Chanel with a mirrored glass, classic black frame and silver and white woven arms.  Chanel $510

Cara in….Gucci tri-colored.   HOT!

Gucci, $540

A tart sip!  Charlotte looks chic in Saint Laurent classic black frames. $365  These are the same as the ones on Cara in the first picture.

Jessica in bevelled gray glasses by Chanel.  We were surprised to find these looked great on different face shapes and we all loved the view out of this shape.  Flat out good looking.  Chanel Gray, $500

Eliza …I spy with my little eye her reflection some cookies! Rainbow mirrored rimless cats by Illesteva.  Fun! $190

Charlotte looks like a movie star caught with a cookie in rhinestone black frames with a playful look by Miu Miu.  You can see these have a slight mirror to them too.  Miu Miu, $500

Poolside, Cara is looking spunky cool in these Fuscia frames by Celine.  The pop of color and shape was really great on her.

Celine Fuscia, $450

Below, the same Dior shades that Charlotte was wearing at the top ….show the pink reflective lense better at this angle.  These looked really pretty on her skin because the pink lense is subtle.  Perfect for someone who wants a nod to the mirrored glasses but not flat out rainbow reflection.

Below, I joined everybody with the silver Miu Miu glasses, Jessica is in the Chanel beveled frames and Raquel is wearing the mirrored rimless Illustera glasses.

It’s not a party without some sweets! Gold Chloe glasses that Jessica is wearing in the very first picture of the post…along with cake pops and iced cookies from Memorial Bakery!

These subtle gray frame Celine glasses looked great on Jessica and would give good shade for bright days.  Celine, $425

All that hard modeling work called for some cupcakes and Rumicube!

Want one?

I hope these inspire you to get your shades on! Sunglasses in this post were generously shared by Neiman Marcus and can be found in stores at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman and in some cases online at

Bring on the sunshine!

Which ones are your favorite?

Let us know what you think of the newest trends and our backyard party in the comment box below!

Stay cool!




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