Easy to adjust Peloton bike seat

Pros and Cons of the Pelaton Test


You know, you’ve seen the ads.  The mom is on the bike killing it and sweating while the spin class teacher coaches her with encouragement from a TV attached to the front of the bike.  The remote class makes her feel like she is there live and she is…..by satellite.

But, she never left home.

Well, it’s really just like that.   I still love my Peloton.  And it doesn’t have much time to gather dust.  Even when I do have the time to drive to the gym, I still prefer it.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post.  I am just telling you my thoughts on it after owning it two years.  I think sometimes exercise equipment comes in with big determination and ends up being the place you stack the laundry.  Not the Peloton though.  This fad has just kept moving ahead with new classes and new challenges to keep me interested.

On Shoes:

My 18-year-old son and husband wear the same size clip on shoe so they actually share.  I have my own.  We just quckly adjust the seat and height between riders. You really need the shoes because in class you do so much standing and then sitting and moving around.  You get more out of the workout when you push AND pull your foot so your foot needs to be attached to the pedal.Peloton Shoes Clip on Cycle


I have never one time had to call a workman for the screen or bike.  EVER.  And I’ve moved it.  They have wheels on the front so you tip it and roll it if you want it somewhere else.  Live streaming and recorded classes are clear and easy to see, hear and follow.

The Peloton classes were great to begin with when I got it but they’ve added stretching, weight lifting, yoga and lots more classes by video that you can do next to the bike.  These are a great addition because before I would want to alternate other types of workouts and wouldn’t always choose the Peloton.  Now, I can workout in other ways and use the same piece of exercise equipment.

Beyond The Ride One Peloton Stretch ClassRides are live or pre-recorded.  You can choose from tons of teachers, fitness levels, types of music, themes like 80s or DJ or classic rock.  You can track your progress, see your best rides and there’s lots there that I really don’t use but I think others who want to compete against each other do.

Most of all, the Peloton does what I need.  It provides a convenient way to work out that pushes me more than I would push myself.  It’s versatile, giving me different teachers, types of music and ways to work out.  I’m more fit for having it and that keeps me healthy.

One Peloton Shoes

I know they are coming out with a new treadmill called Tread which I would look into for anyone who prefers treadmills.  When I test drove the Peloton, it was at one of their pop up location stores.  They have lots of them now.  All you do is show up in workout clothes and they will put you on one with headphones and you will be having a fun hard workout with the world tuned out in no time.

Five Thumbs Up, Peloton!  Five Stars too!



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