Making a Spot to Be Still

Do you guys have a cozy spot where you can go and sit to be quiet?  I once heard that the missionary Elizabeth Elliot’s mother used to sit at the kitchen table with a dishtowel thrown over her head just to have peace and quiet to pray while her five kids ran around at her feet playing!

Making time to just be still gives us a chance to experience who God is and the kind of peace He can give to us.  The world is nuts out there so where do you go to sit and sort it all out and find some peace and truth?

One day at Bible Study, we were discussing how and when we have our “quiet time”  which means a time for prayer and study of God’s word.  If you aren’t in a Bible study…you can still benefit from a quiet time so this post is still for you.

Everybody’s days and schedules and ways for studying and praying were a little different.  But my friend Charlotte told us about her “spot” to have her quiet time.

Since we were at her house, a few of us asked her to SHOW it to us later so we could better understand what she meant. I thought it was so great that I wanted to share it with you for Tip Tuesday.

Charlotte collects heart shaped rocks from around the world that she finds


It was awesome.  She had photos of her family to look at while she prayed for them….scripture cards, pens, devotionals, reference books, her Bible and other reminders of God’s love and sovereignty in this one space in her home office.  The back wall was covered with post it notes of scriptures.

She even had school yearbooks opened to the pages of her kids to see their collage of pictures so that she could see all those expressions while she prayed for their futures and character.

At my house, I had found myself skipping time with God lately or just skating by with some minimal time occasionally.  This had happened gradually over the last few months but I could feel the difference in my life.  I’m always more peaceful, confident and well…. just relaxed and happy when I’ve had plenty of time bathing in God’s word and presence.  Not to mention laying down my burdens in prayer.

So, I decided to clean off my own desk and make a corner “spot” of my own.  This was an all out deal, with trash bags and a step ladder but that’s because once I got in there ….it was just time… pitch. You don’t have to do that….that’s just me. I have an “L” shaped desk at home so this worked out to tuck this part around the corner.

This may look really cluttered to you but I love it!

Actually, Charlotte commented to me the same thing when I went back over to take these photos…that it was cluttered but that’s actually how she does business with God, diving into it, praying those post it note scriptures out loud and searching God’s word deeply.

At my “spot” , I added some photos of my kids ..

My family, nephews and nieces….

And my husband…

Missions photos and other reminders of those to lift up.

It’s actually kind of emotional once it’s all set up.  It’s got a really different feel than me just trying to remember it all in my head when I bow to pray in a chair or in bed before I go to sleep.  This is my heart laid out before God right in this space.

Here, I can get still.

Now, I find myself drawn to this place where I can learn, pray, sit, think, rest, worship and just be with God.

Having a place to go with everything I need to learn, be quiet and be inspired has caused me to spend more regular time ……and more meaningful time with God there.  I feel rejuvenated, strengthened, centered and focused when I finish my quiet time.

A practice of getting still doesn’t have to be a desk but it was like a lightbulb moment for me.  I hope this inspires you and your time to get close to God .

Any ideas you can share with us on your space or way that you get still?  Leave them in the Submit a Comment box below.

“Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10



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