Ivy and Sprig Valentine’s Day Guide 2017 ..Links to Get it Done Today!

My Valentine of 27 years! For Valentine’s Day we are heading down to Galveston for the day….site of our First Anniversary dinner.[/caption]

I love my husband and don’t get me wrong…he can be very romantic but generally forethought is something that boys in my household don’t have much of.  Executive functioning is currently something external that is actually my voice and they refer to it as nagging.  I refer to it as reminding.  

With Valentine’s Day, it’s more a gentle….what do you think you’d like to do for Valentine’s Day?  Or, to my boys, have you thought about what you want to do for Valentine’s Day for your girlfriend?  Since I’m the only female, I feel a huge responsibility to the female population to instill at least a sense of awareness around courting and romance.

 Actually I do have one that is aware that Valentine’s Day is upon us and he has been asking me every other day for two weeks to go get flowers for a Valentine friend but I think that has more to do with anxiety than actual romance.  

Anyway, with three boys in the house there is some MENTORING that goes on in the LOVE and ROMANCE department!  Can you relate?

For my own peeps, I try to make it really special so that they know it’s important to appreciate those that we love.  I go all out and decorate their breakfast plates before school with candy hearts, Valentine gifts (usually something fun but small) and some Valentine breakfast (like pink sprinkles on their vanilla yogurt and strawberries).  Confetti on the table and love messages….whatever seems like a celebration.

You may remember my Guide to Grad Gifts They’ll Love?  Well, here are some great links to get your Valentine shopping done in two clicks of a mouses tail! And I tried to pick my favorites that would ship to you ASAP so start your credit card engines and let your iPad do your shopping!

1. For your Mother and/or Mother-in-Law ….From Amazon : Godiva Chocolate Filled Heart 



2. For your Daughter… Tarte Kissing Squad Lip Gloss and Lipstick

AND….Valentino Ty Beanie Babies  

3. For your Son: Flaming Hearts Boxers


AND….Star Wars Heart Box of Chocolates


AND your college son…..Valentine Care Package for College Students


4. For Your Sister: Olive and Cocoa Heart of Flowers 

5. For Your Kids who need to take Valentines to school….Minion Valentine Card Kit   

  or Frozen Valentine Card Kit with Lollipops


6. For Your Valentine Cards….Victorian Valentine Cards


OR….Paper Source Valentines  so many to choose from!

7. For your own Sweetheart….I Love You More Pillowcases



AND….Just Paper Roses…toilet paper that says I love you from Top to Bottom!  Awwwww…..



Smoooch!  I love all of my Ivy and Sprig readers!!! Sending you Love, Kisses and an Executive Functioning reminder from me to Get Your Valentines!

AND that you are loved too!

“Delight yourself in the Lord, _________(fill your own name in the blank), and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Share your Valentine ideas in the Submit a Comment Box Below!

Best (Love),



10 thoughts on “Ivy and Sprig Valentine’s Day Guide 2017 ..Links to Get it Done Today!”

  1. Your tips are always spot on and so helpful. Will you do a piece on best travels spots for spring break with family (teenagers) or best vacations for summer travel too?

  2. Thank you for the awesome ideas and gentle reminder. Immediately sent the college students gifts! The husband buys our girls flowers or chocolates and we have a red themed dinner with candles & mock tails (non mock for the parents)!

  3. Looooved it! I thought I was the only girl that had to remind my boys about Valentine’s. You made me feel so much better. I had already gotten cards, chocolates and a little gift for my two Antonios but now I am going to decorate their breakfast plates also. Loved the idea. I think I may go and decorate my hubby’s office the night before. (SURPRISE!!!!)


  4. Ivy,

    Your suggestions inspired me and I surprised my daughters with a Valentine theme decorated breakfast table, including cards and bad of goodies. I was at my office by the time they woke up and came down for breakfast (Chef Homer was in charge), and they loved it! Thank you for sharing your ideas, and great tips!!

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