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Indulging my Inner Little Girl, Adult Ballet Class

A new Soul Cycle went in near me and of course I love my Pelaton for spinning at home.  But one day recently, I decided to go out on a limb and try something new.  I really made a leap, no pun intended, and tried an adult ballet class.

Before you start laughing, you have to know that besides Mary Tyler Moore, as referenced in my blog How and Why I started blogging, I always wanted to be a ballerina growing up.


So, I found this place (thank you google) and I drove ridiculously far on a Sunday afternoon using my GPS to finally find this little spot in Katy, Texas.  I was wearing what the lady on the phone told me…..some workout leggings and a loose top and carrying my swell bottle.

When I got there, ladies of all ages were already changing from street shoes to ballet slippers and donning sheer wrap around skirts.

Adult Ballet Class


Two former Houston Ballet ballerinas were manning the front desk where I filled out a form and paid for one lesson ($20)

One tall and perfectly straight girl working at the front offered me information about class subscription packages but I told her I was just going to “see how it goes.”  I moved to a bench and took off my shoes to socks and followed the ladies into the class.  All of them took spots along the wall or in the center of the room holding a bar.

I copied them.

Our teacher introduced herself and asked if there were any new students.  I shyly put my hand up in the back of the room.

At first, we were doing things that didn’t take much concentration, just tapping our firm leg in a point out front and then to the side and then behind while holding our backs stiff and heads high.  It is much easier to keep your tummy in while standing this way and I felt instantly taller.

Ballet Class

Her rhythmic voice calling out the exercises and the classical music was meditative and my mind began to wander.  “She is so tall and strong,” I thought, “I wonder how long she’s done ballet? Does she like teaching these classes or is this where all washed up ballerinas end up some day?  Gosh, I’d like to have legs like that.  She’s like a muscle-y stick!”

“AND done”  she chimed out louder, “Good everybody, ok now lets work on our dance.  We are going to add some steps today. ”

Panic.  Add steps, oh gosh should I run now?  Say I stubbed my toe? or need to go to the bathroom and just take my whole handbag with me? Yikes!

Too late.  They moved the portable bars out of the center of the room and now the room was cleared for a dance floor and everybody was spreading out.  I was suddenly aware of how athletic my clothes looked next to these women in their “ballet kit” but who cares.  Right?

Anyway, I tried to keep up while we bent and flowed in an open toe version of a pretty squat with arms sweeping to the classical music.  It was clear that everyone knew what to do but I just followed as best as I could.  We stepped and twirled and followed our lovely muscle-y stick teacher to the violins like we were a cast onstage together.

Older, younger, all shapes of bodies and yet…the ladies looked suddenly graceful and truly beautiful as they met and merged with the dance.  My legs were burning and my arms were more exhausted than when I had had to hold them out straight in first grade by the window when I got in trouble for talking.

We worked on our dance over and over while she added steps each time.  By the time class was done, I had some familiarity with the whole thing.


Ballet doesn’t take weights but my muscles and brain were exhausted and I patted my face like the others from the lady like version of sweat.

I truly had fun and in a wave of enthusiasm, spent $25 on actual ballet slippers at the front desk but declined the packages once again.  I said goodbye to my new ballet class friends as though we were leaving a show for the night.

The truth is I haven’t been back and the slippers are still in the box but if I could pull that class just a little closer to my house, I would be there indulging my inner little girl every week!  I was sore for days!  Thank you Ballet and Pilates by Victoria !  Actually, I think I’m going to go get those slippers out of the box to wear around my house.


Anyone else have a secret love of ballet besides me?  Have you gone out on a limb lately?  How do you indulge your inner little girl?  Share in the Comment box at the bottom of this page.





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