Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month

Hi friends,

I’m coming to you from my travels to Hong Kong.  I’ve never been to Asia and I’m just beginning a journey with my husband and our long time friends who live in Hong Kong.  It’s exciting and I can tell you that everything I learned from I used and it worked!  I’ll bring you fun photos of our travels to Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand on my Instagram page.  Just follow me  @Ivyandsprig!

To get ready for my trip, I also dusted off an old book that was a real workhorse for me when the kids were little.  Frozen Assets: How to Cook For a Day and Eat for a Month.  I’ll be honest, the recipes are pretty basic and so you don’t need this book to understand how to do this.  Since I was leaving my kids at home with caregivers, I wanted to stock up on some foods they could pull out for dinner.

The premise is you decide on a few recipes, shop the ingredients in bulk and set out half a day or more to get your kitchen really dirty all at once.  You end up with tons of food.  So I decided to try it again and here’s what I made and how it worked.

First, I recommend you pick your recipes, make your list adding up all the ingredients together and do the shopping on one day… least one day BEFORE you plan to cook.  Buying in bulk and thinking this through takes more time and energy than a regular grocery shop.

On cooking day, block your whole morning.  Get your tennis shoes on, turn on your favorite TV series, get your apron on and your family out of the house.  Lay out all your gear….measuring cups, spoons, mixing bowls and piles of ingredients.  Get your coffee or water and start with all the chopping…..use a cuisinart if you have one.

For me, I chopped like …..8 or 9 onions in the cuisinart.  Green bell peppers and celery in my mini-chopper and hand chopped several garlic cloves.  All this while listening to Classy Career Girl Podcast…I love that one.  Anyway.  I opened cans of tomato paste and diced tomatoes, pulled out all the grated cheeses, chicken broth and worsteshire or sauces.  Turned on ovens.

And then the fast magic starts to happen.  Sauteeing, browning beef in some skillets, while mixing ground turkey and turkey meat loaf ingredients in a large bowl.  Shaping those and putting them in the oven.

Beef became spagetti in one pot and taco meat in another skillet.  While those simmered, I layed out the chicken fingers and plates of flour, beaten eggs and panko bread crumbs to dip and lay out thirty six chicken fingers.  I cooked those in batches and then let cool beside the cooling taco meat.

You really don’t need all the details of the order because your recipes might be different.  But once I already had so many things chopped, it was easy to assemble.

I ended up boiling and shredding some chicken breasts and adding those to some spagetti, chopped onion, green pepper, celery and other ingredients for a chicken spagetti.

Quiches were easy too with a a new batch of beaten eggs and shredded cheese and prosciutto.

In the end, I spent from 9 am to 1:30 pm cooking in my kitchen on a random weekday enjoying tv and good weather out my side windows and ended up with:

3 Turkey Meat loafs

2 Batches Spagetti and Meat sauce

2 Italian Quiches

36 breaded chicken fingers

1 Batch taco meat

1 Chicken spagetti casserole

6 Hard boiled eggs

All of this got wrapped up and put in the freezer, labeled with the date made.  It feels so great knowing I have some things to pull out.

Now I know that’s not exactly EAT for a MONTH.  So that’s a misnomer in my headline….it’s just the headline of the book that wants you to make even more.  If I had more time, I would but I don’t this week.  I am amazed however and the amount of time it would take me to normally cook two or three dinners that I could pop out this much food.

This turned out really well and my family has lots to choose from to pull out and use on busy nights while I’m out of town.

Do you guys have any dinners or foods you like to prepare and freeze ahead?  Share with everybody in the Reply Box below!  Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram  to see my Asian journey!  @IvyandSprig




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