5 Helpful Tips to Reboot your Energy Mid-Day

  1. Take a Walk – If you’ve been at your desk all day, step outside and take a walk. A walk outside can increase your focus and reset your brain by disengaging from your projects.  If you work from home, walk the dog around the block, go get the mail or just make a giant glass of ice water and walk outside.  5 HELPFUL TIPS TO REBOOT YOUR ENERGY MID DAY
  2. Check the flowers. GLADIOLAS IN THE GARDENThey need you to smell them and tell them they look pretty.  Take some deep breaths outside.  It will generate some fresh oxygen in your system.  Hydration and Oxygen.  If you work in an office, maybe try taking lunch outside somewhere or getting out to run an errand and listen to the radio while you get some fresh air.
  3. Have a snack – Make a smoothie or eat some almonds.  Maybe you just need a little kick of protein.


4. R-E-S-T!!  Actual rest. Sometimes that is actually hard to recognize though.  Just when you find yourself walking in the pantry or heading for the company kitchen for something sweet or looking for some caffiene is when you may want to ask yourself if you ought to rest instead.  Tired. Probably tired.

We really should learn from our friends in China, India, South America and Britain how to stop and have a cup of tea.  When I moved to London, it was the very first thing they taught us in the American Women’s Club….how to have tea.  There is quite a ceremony to it.  No need for perfectly done here just stop and have some tea…..sitting …down …quietly ….to rest.5 HELPFUL TIPS FOR REBOOTING YOUR ENERGY MID DAY

You could stop and meditate.   This has helped my focus because stopping and sitting still and breathing and listening allows me to really regain my center again.  The strings of unfinished thoughts pop up and my mind begins to settle again.  Don’t be surprised if at first you fall asleep for a quick nap.  Over time your body learns that this deep breathing is to relax not to sleep.

5. When I’m REALLY tired, I make like Rosie and take a cat nap.  She is great at this…I am learning. I will set my alarm on my phone and lie down to rest like a worn out four year old.  I feel so much less grouchy when I’ve been able to take a 20 minute snooze.  Get up, drink some water and off you go. So much more alert!


I hope these tips help you find some energy in the middle of your day!  If you have some ideas to share that help your energy, leave them in the reply box below.  I would love to hear how you reboot your supply during the day.



8 thoughts on “5 Helpful Tips to Reboot your Energy Mid-Day”

  1. Thank you for these tips. Sometimes you feel so busy that you tell yourself you can’t even spare 10 minutes to get up. Self care is massively important and once you start practicing the people in your life will be full of gratitude!

  2. Best post yet!!! Today I am taking “sitting…down…quietly…to rest” to heart! Thank you + I am calling to later to hear about that team of doctors! Needing some advise! xxooo

    1. The team of doctors were with a place called the Pre-diabetes center in Houston that has now folded up operation and is in Austin. I wish there was another but you could call the one in Austin and apparently they can help through a long distance program. I’m thinking about doing that because it was just great.

    1. Thank you! My Kitties and Sam, my French always want to be involved in the blog photos….usually I’m having to ask them to move out of the way to watch. I thought Lilly, the black and white one was going to burn a whisker on the tea photos but I snapped her coming out the kitchen window and she looked too cute to leave out. Rosie was just napping. All of my pets are girls to balance out all of the boys/men in my life.

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