Pretty Intense by Danica Patrick

Fitness: Danica Patrick's workout book Pretty Intense, Review

Danica’s Maca Pumpkin Pancakes look delicious![/caption] VROOOM! OK so, I have cussed burpees and air squats, planks and sit ups, I’ve been sore but not that sore.  EVERY workout is only 30 minutes but increases in intensity.   When I don’t know how to do a particular exercise ….I keep my laptop nearby to go to her website.  At she has a video of her demonstrating EVERY single one of the exercises.  So I can see her form and understand how to do it.   Equipment is limited to a mat, some hand weights in various amounts, a step bend or bench of some sort and a jump rope.  Easy to do at home if you have these things.  I’m literally using an old camp trunk as my step.   I haven’t tried her recipes yet but they look pretty easy.  She gives you a lot of good information behind why she chooses certain foods for her body. Danica Patrick's Apple Crumble I have enjoyed reading the other sections that include discussing what she refers to as the mind river….basically your train of thought.  

Danica Patrick’s Chapter on Accepting Yourself
Focusing on the positive and assuming the best first.   I hope you are hitting your stride in your 2019 goals and feeling motivated for a great year! Best, Ivy      ]]>

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