Farmer's Market Season

When we go to the one in Aspen, Colorado in the summer, my kids like to ride their bikes and run around a little while we check out the different booths.  Fresh honey, grass fed beef, homemade jellies….it’s just all good. farmers 1 Farmers 14This Bee company had just about anything you could make from honey or Bee pollen or wax… Farmers 8See what I mean..? Wonderful pillar candles… Farmers 15 Wild Flowers, so pretty… Farmers 3 Farmers 13 This neighborhood market sprung up in a church parking lot 18 months ago and has really seen pretty great vendors and crowds.  I think Farmer’s Market’s help make a community more of a community….everybody get’s out and is relaxed.  These two kids were having a ball! Farmers 9 I loved meeting these girls who make nut and egg free muffins out of fruits and vegetables. I bought some Blondies from them made out of Chick peas and fruit and my kids had no idea…… Farmers 7 Farmers 16 Beef.. Farmers 17Veggies…we tend to try more unusual vegetables from the Farmer’s Market and of course everything smells and tastes so fantastic! Farmers 11 Farmers 12farmers 10 Kettle Corn…a farmer’s market delicacy! Farmers Market 19 The Farmer’s Market at the First Congregational Church Houston runs from 9 am – 1 pm on Saturdays.  Google one in your neighborhood and see if you could enjoy a coffee and a stroll with your family this weekend. Farmers 4It’s a fun way to get outside and relax and taste some new things.  Bring on some summer!  Do you have a Farmer’s Market that you can recommend to us?  What’s your favorite find at your local farmer’s market?  Leave it in the Reply Box below to share it with all of our Ivy and Sprig readers. Happy Weekend Ya’ll! Best, Ivy Farmers 13]]>

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    1. Yes Linda, they were taken at the Farmer’s Market in Houston that has popped up at the First Congregational Church on Beinhorn. It’s a colorful scene!

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