14 thoughts on “Extreme Stillness…or how I found myself eating a grilled cheese sandwich and drinking tea at four in the morning”

  1. Ivy, I love your posts – whenever and where ever you find time to write. You have so many great ideas and information to pass on. We miss you when you are gone, but love catching up when you get back. I hope that cat finds his way back.

  2. Oh my goodness, your blog left us in such suspense!! Please keep us posted on the cat.
    Agree, silence is a beautiful thing.

  3. I have been reading this out loud to Leah C and Lisa C and crying laughing at the cat story. But it reminds me of when you lost your dog and so then it made me sad for the owners. Great post Ivy!! Keep it up!

  4. Oh my gosh Ivy – I feel you. Seriously – have lived that 4:00 am situation (sans grilled cheese and Bible, I am sorry to report) so much lately! I am behind reading your posts! I just loved this. Thank you for making us feel we are not alone in the “good crazy” that happens in all of our homes!

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