Tip Tuesday – Eliminate Decisions

Hi Friends, on today’s Tip Tuesday I wanted to tell you about something I’ve heard a lot about on different productivity websites.

I have heard multiple times in multiple ways to….the recommendation to try to eliminate decisions during your day.

Some coaches and experts suggest it’s mentally draining to decide what to wear, what to eat and which thing you are going to do or work on each day.  This mental energy can zap your creativity.  Especially when you’re day is free flowing and littered with little decisions because you are an entrepreneur, free lancer, stay at home mom, or community and school volunteer.

Have you ever felt at the end of the day like…I just don’t want to make one more decision?

Try taking some of that unnecessary energy out of your brain.

Here’s what I mean (they mean), for instance, one person said dinner at their house goes like this:  Monday – fish Tuesday – Italian Wednesday – Mexican – Thursday – Soup or Stew and every Friday is pizza night.  She organizes dinner roughly like that.  Another woman said she has eaten the same Zone power bar for breakfast for YEARS.  She never has to think about what’s for breakfast for herself.  She literally just eats the same thing everyday.  Another guy, said he keeps it simple in the closet.  Jeans, T-shirts, jackets and not enough options to have to think through more than seconds each day.

Or batch your work.

I do this with my days of the week.  Batching into groups by day helps eliminate the what am I going to tackle first today thing.

Monday – Blog writing

Tuesday – Family/Desk work

Wednesday – Blog Photos/Social Media or appointments (haircuts, doctor, dentist)

Thursday – Blog writing/content planning

Friday – Errands/Me

When I wake up on Monday, I don’t have to try to decide which thing I’m doing errands or writing.  It doesn’t entirely work out this way but having things batched on days helps give it a “most of the time” framework.

And seriously, wouldn’t it be great to just ditch the outfit decisions and go jeans and a white shirt everyday?  If you see me like that, I’m eliminating decisions in my life!

This may sound boring but if you find yourself overwhelmed with choices that are draining your time and creativity, try some decision elimination.  What decisions are taking up mental energy each day for you?  Could you go minimalist for a while to free up some time and space in your head?

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