Egg Tooth Hatching and Helicopter Parenting

assist in helping them break out of their shell because they wouldn’t be strong enough to survive if they did
Crack eggs?  What?   She started rattling off about some parenting guru guy that she followed and that “helicopter parenting”“Children need to be given the opportunity to fail.  They need to be given the chance to make a mess.  Parents who try to do everything for their kids inhibit their growth and then take away the chance for them to build strength and confidence through risk, to gain self-esteem and grow in their understanding of the world.” He recommended these different tasks at different ages that they should have the opportunity to try.  At age three, let them crack eggs. Bake-with-milk Why? Because we don’t want them to….it’s messy, they get shell in the batter, they get dirty, egg gets on the floor, it’s a cooking hassle and we can just do that part so easily while they just dump in the flour we’ve measured. Because their fingers are little and fumbly, and they might squeeze it and ruin the whole cake! IF all of those things happened, would it really be a disaster?   Or could he gain confidence and get better at this skill and others where his internal voice says, “I can do it. It’s ok, I can clean it up and try again.” So I tried it.

I said, “Today we are cooking and you get to crack the eggs.”

Elation from my son. I was truly a ridiculous wreckYour thoughts?  Do you struggle with when to hang on or help and when to let them do things on their own? Let’s talk about it.  The discussion starts below in the comments box.  Stop back by after you leave your thoughts to see what other readers have said.  Share this post with a friend who might like it too. Best, Ivy Blue birds 2    ]]>

16 thoughts on “Egg Tooth Hatching and Helicopter Parenting”

  1. Courtney Vandiver

    I went to see my sophomore in college yesterday to bring another load for his apartment, I noticed that he hadn’t done laundry since he arrived and I started putting in a load. He said what are you doing? Stop rescuing me. Ugh, why can’t I stop?

    1. I don’t even think it’s rescuing…I think it’s just part of loving on them and then figuring out when to let go…but it’s tricky. It’s just so tricky. Thanks Courtney for this!

  2. I did it all wrong and did lots of rescuing and not letting go, but all three turned out the best, better than I could have designed in spite of me. Great advice, wish you had been born when I needed this………………..

  3. I have a 17 year old and I don’t think he has EVER cracked an egg!! We have ALOT of cracking to do!! Sorry, HE does…there I go again.:) Thank you for the great advice!

  4. Oh my gosh I am walking your walk! I had a call from the college dorm last week in which it was relayed there was a toilet paper shortage. Upon signing off Face Time I walked off towards my Costco supply of toilet paper thinking I would send some. Then I said wait that isn’t right, I can use Prime and I will send it via Amazon. I then heard your nanny in my head – basically calling me an idiot. I didn’t send any toilet paper. I am not going to lie..,,I may throw a box of tissues into a Fall Care Package. ❤️ Keep writing!

    1. It is! Each situation is a little different each day…so it’s sometimes doing and sometimes turning around and sitting on our hands to let them do it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Ivy,

    What a beautiful post!! And so true. It is hard to let them try and fail, but is the only way for them to become strong, independent adults.
    I loved every paragraph, and the Pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I have been begging my son to bring me all of his hockey gear and I would wash it. I finally refused to go and get it without him taking some initiative. Who on this planet should have to beg their son to bring them the horrible smelling gear…. Anyone in their right mind would jump at someone offering to wash the contents of a hockey bag…right?? Letting go is hard especially the things that seem so rational to the adult mind!

    1. Agreed! Even the washing machine at my house is begging for those stinky clothes…it’s like pushing a string up a hill some times. I feel your pain!

  7. I am feeling like cracking the egg on his beautiful head this morning but remembered your blog and kissed him and walked to get my coffee. He asked me why I was smiling and I told him, “I am not cracking eggs this morning. I’m just having fruit.” He went into a long dissertation as to how good fruit was for me but I still had to have eggs once in a while hence I had to do some cracking, “maybe once every two weeks”, he said. So it is all about balance.

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