Celebrating Summer with Cover Ups for Every Destination!

Hi friends,

I hope you are starting to see the sun peek out at your house.  I just booked some window washers to come help me get those high windows so I can actually SEE the sunshine when it comes out.  I am about to get the Spring Cleaning bug but first we are taking some vacation days during our kids school Spring Break and heading to the beach!

After such a crazy year of weather, I can’t wait to get my toes in the sand and I’m sure you are thinking the same thing.  In case you want to take a moment to day dream with me, here’s my post Beaches To Go Back To to give you a mental break.  Wish I had it set to sounds of ocean waves!  But just pretend.

So….you probably spend some time getting your everyday regular wardrobe together..making sure you have a great LBD, jeans you love, a workout wardrobe and classics for the seasons.  

 But do you really spend some time getting your swimsuit and coverup wardrobe together?

Ha!  That is like a really funny joke, right?  I hate bathing suit shopping and usually leave cover ups to the last minute before I realize that I better pick something.  I’m kind of a scrambler but trying to become a better prepared ER.  IS that a word?  Become better prepared. You know what I mean.

Anyway, Here’s what I’ve learned:  IT’s really all about the cover ups!  The cover ups are what you walk around in and go grab lunch by the pool in and generally lounge around in.  Cover ups are like little dresses in and of themselves and they have personality and pizzaz. Bathing suits and swimwear are so stressful to pick out but cover ups!  Well that’s just fun.

Hopefully, it doesn’t become a panic right before vacation for you!  Here are a few of my favorites for this season.  

Whether you are headed to the the pool with kids for swim lessons or a beach for vacation…..I think the cover ups are literally the best part of the whole Spring/Summer gig.  


All you need is some coconut water and bare feet to go with them!

If you are headed to vacation and you need a little help getting ready, read my post on Travel Tips: 7 mistakes I’ve made and how to avoid them. Travel woes are real ya’ll! But looking great and actually being relaxed is possible!

Happy Spring!



Beach Spain

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