Hi, I’m Stephanie but I adopted the name Ivy for this blog.  Three letters and it’s kind of fun.

Please… pull up a barstool and lets get to know each other.  I’m really glad you dropped in.  At my house, the doors are always opening and closing; tennis shoes of varying size from kids are piled in the mudroom and I can usually find an empty gallon of milk in the fridge.  Between raising three boys, three pets and running around like a crazy person to keep them fed, trimmed, outfitted, vaccinated and generally alive, I’ve run into a passion.  I started writing down the hilarity of life with teenagers, ideas for saving time, tips on productivity, and recipes that work in the real world.

My blog, Ivy and Sprig, is a place to encourage each other during the busiest years of parenting……. which I think are the Middle Years! At least toddlers you could put in a playpen, right?

I’ll go first.


I drink coffee before my eyes open from a Keurig in my bathroom.  I love spinning, pilates and walking our dog Sam in my neighborhood in Houston, Texas.  My friends save my life on a daily basis because lets face it ….it takes a village to keep up with kids in the modern world!

I keep motivating sayings on my bulletin board in hopes that they’ll help and a Bible nearby at all times because I really need Jesus.  And this blog? The name comes from Ivy (meant to be women growing in their passions) while raising Sprigs (kids).  Ivy and Sprig.

Some days this blog is my passion and some days it’s an experiment and still others, it’s a downright confessional.  I hope you’ll find humor, encouragement and ideas to help you keep moving forward on your own journey.  You can subscribe to Ivy and Sprig to get all the tips and stories on a regular basis.  I really hope you’ll join me.

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a Content Creator and Editor

I love writing and content creation.  It’s my passion.  I have a sharp editors eye and a strong knowledge of SEO.  Let me help you boost your traffic and bring creative ideas to your readers.  

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