5 Exercises to Give You a Great Spring Break Bootie with Cal-A-Vie Spa Trainers

Home sweet home, dirty shoes from hiking? Leave outside and they clean them for you along with all your dirty clothes each day![/caption] It’s a frequented spot for actresses slipping away from Hollywood for some refreshing beauty treatments, delicious organic foods and serious workouts, like the two hour morning hike each day.  The is one of 38 rooms…with a view of the mountains behind it off of my own porch.   While I was there, I got a chance to meet with fitness trainer Nicole Morris to talk about exercises that get all those different glute muscles firing to shape up the bootie.   She shared 5 great exercises to get us ready for Spring Break and swim suit weather.   Ready?  You will need an ankle tube and an exercise band.  You can find these and if you don’t have them.  Also you need a mat or towel on your rug. Ok, Nicole told me to start with a curtsy lunge.  Lunge backward and at an angle.  Alternating sides do 20 reps per side.   You can see her deep bend into it ….still upright with her body.  My kids may find me doing this one in the kitchen cooking dinner.  My dog thinks I’m crazy….but my butt is going to look good! Next, put on a tube band around the ankles or use an ankle weight and do 30 standing leg kickbacks on each side, making sure your glutes are tight while you lift your leg.  Her standing led is a little bent.  You can see her form below. Now come down onto a mat on all fours and take one bent knee back to a straight leg, then lift.  Watch Nicole’s form for your leg lifts.  She suggested 30 on each side with glutes tight.  You could add an ankle weight. You can see her body stays straight and she is bringing the knee in and then back out straight and kicking up.  Do 20 on each side. With this next one, lie on your side and take a band and slide it up to mid-thigh.  Put your heels together, and with feet flexed and knees bent like Nicole’s, lift your upper leg 30 times on each side squeezing your glutes.  This might hurt!!! She is propped on her elbow, keep your tummy tight.  30 on each side. This is where it should hurt!!!!  Pat it out when you are done and stretch well.   Side leg lifts with a band.  When you are laying on your mat on your side, legs extended, tip your hip bones forward slightly and hang your foot  a little pointed down and lift like Nicole is 30 reps per side. Again, keep your tummy tight and watch that you aren’t too far forward, this is slight and you should feel it right in the center of your butt.   Your bootie should be looking bootie-ful after all of these!   If we were at Cal-A-Vie it would now be time for a snack…. In the break room…. Then perhaps a dance class, OR a massage… Be sure to stretch and keep it up…Ivy and Sprig readers getting stronger everyday!  And finding more ways to enjoy our lives right in the thick of it.   Stay Strong, Ivy ]]>

5 thoughts on “5 Exercises to Give You a Great Spring Break Bootie with Cal-A-Vie Spa Trainers”

  1. I recently you tubed the old Tamilee Webb exercises I used to do daily, in my 20’s. My muscles must have been very rusty. Even though I am very active and do occasional Latin dancing for cardio, the basic strength moves from the 80’s and 90’s are still effective.

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