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15 Favorite Time Saving Apps to Make Your Day Run Better

I am an app junkie.  They are really the greatest thing ever.  I find that with the right app, I can get more done during my day.  Many of them save me time and get me where I need to be so efficiently that I can save minutes to hours in my day.

A productive day in my life can look like this with the help of time saving apps:

1.  God Time First Scripture of The Day App– This gets my morning started on the right foot.  A little time with God always sets the tone for my day and gives me the perspective that I need.  Sometimes if I want, I swipe to the left and get another.  It’s actually nice to have this in your phone for any time during the day to get a word from God.

2. For News Twitter feed gives me a little news and links to read further on stories that I want more information on.

3. Brain Dump App Wunderlist – my friend, Karen Sachar turned me on to this app and I was immediately hooked. She’s a professional photographer with a lot to keep up with and she said she used it all the time.

This app holds everything from my daily to-do’s to packing lists for certain types of vacations. I can share the lists with others like my husband (for honey do’s). I can also print them to pass out to my family! Oh they just LUV that.

4. Need a Fast Workout? 7 Minute Workout – this app clocks me doing a workout that will have me huffing pretty quickly with lunges, planks, jumping jacks, pushups and sit ups. You can add seven more minutes to it also to make the workouts longer. This app is also great for anyone who travels and needs a workout in a hotel room.

5. While I’m cleaning up and getting dressed for the day, I usually listen to podcasts on Ipodcast. These teach and inspire me in lots of areas of interest. I just download different series that I like.

I listen to Get it Done Guy, Lewis Howes and the school of Greatness, Joyce Meyers, and lately one called Stuff you missed in History Class.

6. Need a good hair day?   I book someone to come do a blowout on my hair at home with Be Glammed. Be Glammed hair and makeup stylists can be booked through their app on a calendar as easy as if I was ordering takeout.

7. Directions around town and the fastest way to get through traffic?  What would I do without  Waze .  This app is like map quest but with a brain for getting you there fast by avoiding realtime roadblocks and traffic.

8.  What’s For Dinner? Pinterest Oh my goodness, from house decor to recipes and how to organize your closet, I LOVE PINTEREST!  Follow me on Pinterest to see all the productivity tips that I save.

9. Booking Travel Hipmunk is my favorite app which rates the flights by Agony (length/time of flight plus price). This app is our family favorite for seeing all the options for travel and getting the best choice/deal.

10. Personal Finance The Mint app is how we track our family accounts.   It gives me a good perspective on where we are on each of our budget categories each month with a bar graph that is green but turning to yellow and then red when we are hitting our self-imposed limit in each area of spending.

11. Spotify – what a great app for music. All music anytime and so many playlists to join. Love!

12. Checking the Weather Dark Sky app is the one my husband uses for weather, I tend to just look at the weather app that came with my iPhone. Great for keeping up with different cities since you can create a list to watch.

13. Fast Dinner Door Dash app to deliver us something yummy quick. Or maybe it’s something coming for the kids while Mr. Ivy and I check our Open Table app to pick a restaurant to make a last minute reservation out. We really do use Open Table a lot because we are kind of last minute kind of people….kind of.

14. Where is a …..?  I also use Around Me app frequently. My husband says I should just use yelp but I prefer Around Me to find anything from a UPS station, pharmacy, Target or whatever….when I’m not in my hood.

15. Groceries Amazon and Instacart These two apps have changed my life literally!  I order my groceries on Instacart once a week and we have recurring household items that are on a monthly auto send with Amazon.  (Toothpaste, razors, shampoo, etc.)

I bet you have some to share with me too…..and all of us!

It’s an APP SWAP! Leave your favorites in the Leave a Reply box below to share. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment come up right away….it will soon! Technology is a great thing!



7 thoughts on “15 Favorite Time Saving Apps to Make Your Day Run Better”

  1. eileen lonergan

    I love Waze! The husband turned me on to that one and we have our teen age drivers send us their routes when they are coming home at night or from far away places so we can track their progress. I am going to download the 7 minute workout right now – that is a great find! Thank you. If your readers are new to Periscope they may find this article I wrote explaining it interesting:

    Thanks Ivy!

    1. Great idea on the teenage drivers! Thank you Eilllern for the article on periscope. I started following the guy that is running 27 marathons in 27 days and it is a fascinating new app. Hope everyone will give it a try because I think it’s going to be huge.

  2. I use lots of these apps… great to have in one place! But Mint, Be Glammed, Hitmunk + Pod Casts…. wow can’t wait! xxooo

  3. Love these suggestions!! Do you have a favorite tool for organization? Google calendar?? Would love your thoughts. Thanks Maria

  4. Just seeing this post Stephanie. Great list! I’m going to check a few out now. Our family couldn’t live without the app Our Groceries. It’s a grocery list sharing app. I set up the categories based on the grocery store I go to and the whole family adds what they need. No more “why didn’t you get more pop tarts?”….you don’t add, you don’t get! So I just pull up the app and as I load each item into my buggy, I tap the item off my list. It’s so easy!

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