The Tony Awards and Grand Cayman Islands

Not because my last name is Hamilton but because I LOVE Broadway, I'm really looking forward to the Tony awards on Sunday night! I got to see Hamilton last December with my son and even though we were in the top balcony nose bleed section, we could hear every fabulous...

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Grid Influence In Seattle and Aspen

I was looking through my old photos this week and ended up trolling through some over the last year.  I do that sometimes and really need to stop and organize them better but I'm not sure when exactly that will happen.  Then, I stopped and just found myself gawking at...

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Beaches to go back to….

I love a great beach.  Beautiful sand, beautiful water.  They are relaxing, inviting and seem to bring my heartbeat down a notch to the rhythm of their waves.  These are a few I adore and love to go back to. Paradise Island Bahamas, Ocean Club resort.  Spectacular....

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