Sunglasses To Steal The Show!

Hi friends!  It's starting to get bright out there....well, some days anyway.  So guess what?   Neiman Marcus offered me a collection of their hottest new sunglasses  for 2017 to show my Ivy and Sprig friends!   Can you say Awesome?!  ...

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Indulging My Inner Little Girl; Adult Ballet Class

A new Soul Cycle went in near me and of course I love my Pelaton for spinning at home.  But one day recently, I decided to go out on a limb and try something new.  I really made a leap, no pun intended, and tried an adult ballet class. Before you start laughing, you...

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What are you wearing to the game this weekend?

What are you going to wear to the game this weekend? I've been moving things around in my closet....picking up bunches of hangers and moving them to the back and taking things from the back to the front for the Fall season.  Flip flops are getting put up high and my...

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Summer Days: Mexican Train and Queso!

This Cowgirl will greet you if you stop in to Woody Creek Tavern in Snowmass, Colorado...the best biking pit stop that I know of and home to some really good guacamole and margaritas.  The line is usually out the door and there are more bicycles than cars parked there...

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Hurricane Season; My favorite Summer Lanterns

I'm in a backyard frame of mind these days and so I found myself digging out my hurricane lanterns and sorting through half melted candles recently.  We put in a new outdoor grill and kitchen area last August and so we are starting to grill out when the weather is...

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Drop the Confetti, Summer is Here!

YEA!! Find your pom poms and drop some confetti!  Summer is here and I personally could do a hurkee I'm so excited.  In celebration of longer days and free flowing schedules, I think we should check out some summer sandals and gear. A little Meghan Trainor to get you...

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Farmer’s Market Season

Summer is coming and I could use some sunshine and lazier days.  I love venturing out on a Saturday to a good Farmer's Market.  There's something so sweet and community about walking around with families, dogs, kids, neighbors...just perusing handcrafted arts and...

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20 SUPER FINE Instagram Accounts From Around The World

I am having the best time taking this blogging class called Blog Power - Blogging Your Way taught by Decor8 Blogger Holly Becker from Germany. Since I launched Ivy and Sprig in February....well and even before that, I've been soaking up internet classes on technology,...

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Graduation Gifts They’ll Love!

There's a bad case of Senioritis going around and even I seem have the itch some days as we turn the corner toward summer. My good friend Michelle in Delaware asked me to post some ideas for graduation gifts...thanks Michelle for asking! Since I had a high school...

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My Personal Encounter with Prince

The passing of Prince has brought up a lot of memories since his music was so prominent during my high school and college days.  I planned to write a different post today but one old memory... I just had to share with you. When I was 22 and basically poor as dirt, I...

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Hunt Slonem Multiplying Like Rabbits

There is a lot of squawking around Hunt Slonem these days and it's not just the noise from his 60 plus cockatoos and Macaws. Ironically, the prolific and colorful New York based artist was recently featured on Squawk Box discussing the art world and it's relationship...

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Five Tips to Reboot your Energy Mid-Day

I don't know if it's the time change or the longer days coming on or just a generally more demanding schedule this time of year but the days seem longer....sometimes REALLY LONG.  I mean that in a good and bad way.  I may hit the ground running with an early workout...

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What to Wear to Walk the Dog

  I thought she looked cute.  This is not some stock photo off of the internet.  This is actually a lady I saw walking her perfectly matching dog outside of The Meurice Hotel in Paris....I mean Le Meurice Hotel!  My, it must take some work to get all...

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