Hey Ivy and Sprig friends, I know how crazy life gets, especially in the Spring with sports and ramped up academics for the kids, meetings, travel, volunteer commitments....it can be a head spinning time!   So, I'm launching a series of SHORT posts called Tip Tuesday!...

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Pears For Breakfast

Recently, my friend Sheila shared with me a really great way to use those wonderful red pears that are available this time of year.  I tried it on my family and they loved it.  We had them for breakfast and they were delicious.  You just take a red pear and slice it...

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Love Muffins! A day in the Kitchen with Laura Grinstead

  Recently, I had the chance to meet Laura Grinstead at her home to find out more about the delicious and healthy meal-in- a-muffin business that started out of her own kitchen.  Let's take a field trip to LOVE MUFFINS......it smells good the minute you open this...

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Pinterest for Dinner, Green Chile Enchilada Soup!

Hi friends, besides my Blue Apron subscription that I am continuing to enjoy,  I love to find good recipes on Pinterest and right about now I'm usually looking for something to put in a Crock Pot in the morning so I can get out the door and come home to dinner...

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What’s For Dinner? Blue Apron Review

I have a new crush....and my new crush makes me feel like Wonder Woman! Blue Apron!  We met a month ago.  Oh, I had heard how wonderful it was from friends but when we were finally introduced in August, I was smitten after one date together.  Want a little help in the...

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Summer Days: Mexican Train and Queso!

This Cowgirl will greet you if you stop in to Woody Creek Tavern in Snowmass, Colorado...the best biking pit stop that I know of and home to some really good guacamole and margaritas.  The line is usually out the door and there are more bicycles than cars parked there...

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Breakfast Idea to Get You Out of a Rut

In the Spring around this time when the days are so busy with my kids sports and we are just trying to make it to the end of the school year, I usually end up in a routine rut for breakfasts and all meals in general.  Let's face it, everybody's tired and creative...

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Music to Cook by Monday

When I was newly married, I wasn't really much of a cook.  It just wasn't a priority until my husband and I were transferred to Australia.  In Australia, we were constantly invited over to friends houses for dinner parties because Australians are really friendly like...

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A Berry Good Start

A friend gave me this giant mason jar of the best granola nut mix from Blackberry Farm, which is a resort in the smoky mountains of Tennessee.  Describing Blackberry Farms is another episode altogether because it is to die for but the granola takes me back there every...

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