Lessons From My Teacher, Eileen Lonergan

Recently I've had the chance to reflect on the toughest questions in life.   What's important? What's not important?  Most of the time, I'm juggling the priorities of the day like a chef on Chopped moving things from the front burner to the back burner to the side...

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Tip Tuesday – Making A Spot To Be Still

Do you guys have a cozy spot where you can go and sit to be quiet?  I once heard that the missionary Elizabeth Elliot's mother used to sit at the kitchen table with a dishtowel thrown over her head just to have peace and quiet to pray while her five kids ran around at...

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Water to Wine and the Light of the World

Hi Everybody! After a very fun but full two weeks, I'm finally finding time to sit with my feet up by the fire to think and relax. I'm a little sore in my chair and I'll tell you why.  I have this boot camp that I just started  in December (of all crazy things) and it...

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Devotionals to Inspire Your Faith

I have a mini library of devotionals laying around that have been supportive daily reads around the calendar year.  They give me just that word or teaching from God that I need to remind me of His love and strength each day.  When I pulled them all together they were...

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Lay Down Your Coats, A King is Rising

While the world reels from the terrorist attacks in Brussels and tries to make sense of hate that could destroy so many lives, we move into the  Easter and Passover season.  I have, like many of you I'm sure, been saddened and shocked as we once again watch the...

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